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  • June: We received a grant from AIS, supporting our research on numerical methods for aerodynamics of bicycle wheels. Dr Naoki Ikegaya and Dr Chiyoko Hirose from Kyushu University visited us, and gave presentations introducing their research progresses.
  • April: Fangbao was invited to give presentations at Kunming University of SCience and Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology; The review paper, Recent trends and progresses in the immersed boundary method, was accepted for publivcation by JMES (see paper from the journal). The paper, A hybrid immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann/finite difference method for coupled dynamics of fluid flow, advection, diffusion and adsorption in fractured and porous media, was accepted for publication by Computers and Geosciences (see paper from the journal).
  • February: Jingtao's paper was published by PRE with Figure be displayed on PRE web site as part of our "Kaleidoscope" (see paper from the journal).


  • October: Dr Timm Krueger at the University of Edinburgh visited us for one month.
  • September: Our recent paper published on Journal of Computational Physics is listed as one of the Most Downloaded Papers in Last 90 Days on the journal website (see paper from the journal). Here is the screen snapshot:
  • August: Mr Xueyu JI joined us as a PhD student working on Flapping foil energy harvesting, acoustics and optimization.
  • July: Dr Fangbao Tian was invited to give a Keynote Presentation for Immersed Methods for CFD and Fluid-Structure Interaction at The 13th World Congress in Computational Mechanics, New York, USA, July 22-27, 2018.
  • June: Mr Zhengliang Liu was awarded the PhD degree. Congratulations!
  • May: Mr Aamer Shahzad was awarded the PhD degree. Congratulations! We had an FSI workshop at UNSW Canberra, with lots of high quality presentations from international research leaders.
  • January: Our paper published in Journal of Computational Physics has been identified as one of the Most Cited Journal of Computational Physics Articles (see paper from the journal). Here is the screen snapshot: