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  1. PhD Candidates: We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and talented students to join our Lab as PhD Candidates. Current lab research topics include numerical simulation on cell/capsule/particle manipulation, blood flows, swimming and flight mechanics, FSI of plate(s) in viscous fluid, energy harvesting of flapping foil(s), laryngeal aerodynamics and vocal-fold vibration, and non-Newtonian flow. The PhD Candidates can work on our existing projects or establish their own research projects using the resources in the Lab, at UNSW Canberra and with other collaborators around the world. If you are interested in these topics or have your thoughts and want to develop your career in our Lab, please contact A/Prof Fangbao Tian, Prof John Young or A/Prof Sridhar Ravi with your background, goals and interests and we will see if our Lab might be a good choice for you. You may need to visit the Student Administrative Services of UNSW Canberra about the application process.

    The topics we are most interested in include (but are not limited to):

    (1) Fluid-structure interaction involving structure damage (numerical methods & their applications);

    (2) Fluid-structure-acoustics interaction with applications in bio-inspired flapping wings & phonation;

    (3) Fluid-structure interaction of surgically changed arteries;

    (4) Turbulent boundary layer with flexible structures;

    (5) IB-LES/RANS-LBM for fluid-structure interactions in heat transfer and bushfire with AI;

    (6) Flow instabilities, control and optimisation over flapping foils;

    (7) Fluid-structure interaction and stability analysis of supersonic and hypersonic flows;

    (8) IB-LBM modelling of mechano-chemical fluid-structure interaction;

    (9) IB-LBM modelling of thermal fluid-structure interaction;

    (10) AI assisted fluid dynamics and smart fluid-structure interaction;

    (11) Fluid dynamics of Sports (e.g. cycling, swimming, archery, sailing and rowing);

    (12) Fluid-structure interaction and multicomponent mass transfer;

    (13) Fluid-structure interaction and acoustics in rarefied gas flows;

    (14) Global stability analysis of FSI and TFSI;

    (15) Quantum computing in computational fluid dynamics.

  2. Postdoctoral Researchers: We do not have grants for Postdoctoral Researchers right now. But if you have your own grant or you are intereted in seeking support from UNSW, for example the UNSW Scientia Fellowships, please contact A/Prof Fangbao Tian, Prof John Young or A/Prof Sridhar Ravi. We would like to host you if we can find shared interests.
  3. Visiting Scholars/Students: We are also interested in hosting Visiting Scholars/Students if we have shared interests with the candidates. Please contact A/Prof Fangbao Tian, Prof John Young or A/Prof Sridhar Ravi for inquiries. For visiting students, you need to apply for the Research Practicum.

Scholarships of $35,000 (AUD) are available for PhD students who achieved H1/High Distinction in their UG program and/or have completed a Masters by Research. If you are interested, contact me at f.tian@adfa.edu.au.

FSI Workshop in Canberra 2018